News: Incident report

Published: 2020-08-10

Incident Report
Reference Number: PROEN/NOC/282/2020
Date of issue: 29 July 2020
Report reference: -
Incident: Colocation service disruption issue
Failure by: Facility service management/building management
Service Impact:
Colocation service unstable facilities
Root cause:
CHWS (Chilled Water Supply) of building facility had issued impact to temperature overheating resulted to the UPS did not supply electricity made the Core Network devices and servers down.
00:38 – 05:18 am Chiller had issued
06:04 – 06:17 am Electrical system in 1802 room failed
06:17 – 06:33 am Electrical system in 1801 room failed
07:27 am Temperature back to normal
06:17 – 06:38 am Core Network devices down
07:07 – 08:20 am Network service restoration process
Waiting Facility service management report.
Additional information:
Direct: 02-639-7888 Ext. 3